E-skills conference for the teachers

ITL and Microsoft Estonia organized e-skills conference for teachers named „IT revolution or evolution“. The aim of the conference was to introduce and show to teachers that teaching at schools could be more innovative, flexible and also more interesting and motivating for students when e-skills and e-solutions are used at classroom.

Mr Jevgeni Ossinovski, Estonian Minister of Education and Science pointed out that the IT revolution in education has already started, but now there is need to think about how to encourage and support our teachers to use e-solutions at schools to teach smarter.

Mrs Urve Mets, the manager at BCS and wellknown Estonian IT trainer among our teachers acknowledged at the conference that computers and the internet are natural environment for younger generations. “Young people are surrounded by the technology outside of school so we should not be afraid to use it also in school”.

Mr Rain Laane, Head of Microsoft Baltics, member of the board at ITL and e-skills campaign ambassador in Estonia is very positive believing in that we could teach and learn smarter when integrating e-solutions into teaching methods. “Using e-skills is actually quite simple and there is no need for expensive and modern technical solutions to start teaching smarter via using e-skills. 99.3% of Estonian pupils are using computers, internet and smartphones every day and their access to the technology is also good. But the technology cannot help us, if we are not able to support teachers to start understanding and using them“.

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